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Are You Not Getting The 5 Star Reviews You Think You Deserve?

As many of us find out, reaching and keeping the five-star reviews can be difficult. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your reviews up, guests happy, and being the best Superhost you can be.

Just Ask!

Asking your guests what they thought of your property can bring surprising results. As guests are currently staying at your Airbnb, send them a message and welcome them to the property. Make sure to make it clear you are available to help and ask them to contact you if there are any issues. Being proactive can help prevent a negative review if guests know you want to fix any issues.

How often have all of us been sent a survey after we have either purchased a product, or received a service? Answer, ALL THE TIME. It is because they work. Big businesses ask for surveys often so they can improve for the next time. Airbnb owners should be doing the same. Send your guest a follow-up message.

Wording is Key

When asking for feedback, I have found great results from stating "I always strive to Earn a 5-star review." I follow-up with asking for any recommendations or improvements for myself or the property in a message. This helps guests know you care about issues, and they will be addressed. Not every property is perfect and there will be issues, but when guests know you care, it helps them leave you private comments with a great public review. Guests just want to know they are not setting up the next guests to experience the same issues they had.

Identify the Trends

As you get more stays at your Airbnb or short-term rental, you will start noticing trends from guest feedback. Identifying the positive and negative trends is important. A negative trend means there is a problem that should be addressed. You will not be able to please everyone, but after several guests have identified a weak spot, fix it. With the right fix, you will turn a negative into a positive. Spending the money will always payback in the end. Check out "Helpful Guest Relations Advice I Learned Along the Way" for more tips and tricks to being a superhost from the beginning!

Airbnb Supplies: The Bathroom

One of the most used rooms is usually the most judged rooms inside your Airbnb or vacation rental. The right product, combined with the appropriate quantity, is an equation that can be difficult to solve.

Some hosts tend to gravitate towards purchasing wholesale soap or large bottles of shampoo. For some guests this may work, but to give your guests a high-end appeal and receive top dollar, the travel-sized bottles and soaps are a great option.

As hotels and short-term rentals have grown to rival each other, guests expect similar amenities. Hotels have a long set standard in bathrooms and hosts need to find ways to best keep up.

BnB Supply Co. has taken care of the heavy lifting for hosts! Companies sell wholesale soap and other hotel-style amenities by the hundreds and thousands. Most hosts do not have the space or the desire to purchase and store mass quantities of Airbnb supplies. You can purchase the PAYA Papaya Bathroom set or any of our vacation rental toiletry sets for a low price and have your specified quantity delivered each month. Set your subscription up today and forget it!

Bathroom Essentials

Airbnb Supplies: Make-up Towels

As you host, you will quickly learn that make-up on a white towel can be difficult to remove. Resulting in towels for the Airbnb in the garbage. An easy solution is a designated make-up towel. Be sure to order more than one for each bathroom from BnB Supply Co. and keep them with your Airbnb supplies! This way, you are ready to exchange a fresh one for each stay.

Short-term rental are easier to manage by limiting the number of consumable products you have to maintain – making your life easier!

Make sure you aren’t selling yourself short. Why are people going to book your house or apartment over a hotel? Are they looking to save money or are they looking for a home away from home? Perhaps they want to be closer to a certain location or area of town. They may be looking for certain features, like a hot tub, full kitchen, or larger common space.

The more you can charge for your location, the more your time and efforts will be rewarded. You want to price your space based on what value it offers:

When visitors stay in a vacation home, their expectations are different than they would be if they were staying in a hotel. You want to make sure they have everything they need to feel at home in your home by including essential items.

Let's take a look at the pantry!

For the pantry, the rule of thumb is: if the renters will only use a small portion during their stay, then
you should probably provide it. If you aren't able to provide some of these suggested items, be sure to let your guests know where they can be attained:

Getting the right guests in your Airbnb

One reservation many potential hosts have about short-term rentals or vacation rentals is how guests may treat their property. Surprisingly, the average guest will treat your home with extreme respect. Most see it as being guests in someone else’s home. For this reason, short-term rentals remain in better condition than long-term rentals. Of course, there may be an occasional sour apple, but over the years, I have learned some helpful tips for weeding those out ahead of time.

Tip Number 1: Avoid instant bookings

This is where I made my first mistake and experienced problems. After turning the instant book off, you can first communicate with your potential guest. This allows for a level of comfortability about who is staying in the home and why. Be cautious about how you ask; no one wants to have to share their life story. However, a simple question about what brings them to town typically gets decent response. And, when in doubt, just say no.

Tip Number 2: Do not allow one-night stays

There are guests that may use a one-night stay appropriately, but I have found that it is usually not the case. In addition, it will also limit the longer stays. The longer the stay, the more profitable your month will be.

Tip Number 3: Be available

With current technology, hosting is easier than ever. Being available to respond to guests when they have an inquiry, makes them feel welcomed. This is usually in the form of direct messages through an app. Of course, you may have an occasional needy guest, but the vast majority are very self-sufficient. Especially if you have the vacation home's amenities and Airbnb supplies in place which guests have come to expect.

Organization and set-up

The setup and feel of your rental will help bring you the five-star reviews every super host needs. Unless you are one of the lucky few with an eye for design, having a friend or family member help you decorate your space can be a great cost-effective way to get your place up to par.

Some decorators and designers are out there to hire, but a friend or family member can typically help get you to a good spot. The decorations will help accent the new house you spend money to fix. The guests you will host will expect to have a nice house, and they will not give it a second thought. But, the décor is what they will enjoy and make them leave you your super host review.


Getting organized can help you save money and time. Knowing what you have and how much of it can help eliminate ordering extras or even worse, running out. The name of the short-term rental game is profitability, and this can help. Start with a private closet or area you can stack and organize all materials, preferably locked away from guests. Most guests will not clean your supplies out, but better safe than sorry.

Organize and make sure whoever is cleaning your space knows what goes where. Having an organized wholesale soap or B&B soap can save them a lot of time.

Order the right soaps and conditioners for the bathroom. There are a lot of very cheap options out there. Some range from $.20-.40. These options are great for the owner but not the guests. Most good soaps your guests will enjoy should be around $1.00. This little extra expense will pay off in the end.

Set it, save money, and forget it

BnB-Supply Co. has created some different options. One excellent option I wish I had when I was getting started was pre-packed sets that can be ordered monthly. For my rentals, the average monthly stays are from 4-6. BnB-Supply Co has the option to pick how many sets per month get shipped directly to you—eliminating the guesswork for anyone cleaning your rental. Just grab the new bag and set it on the bathroom counter.

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