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Ever Wonder What Your Airbnb is Missing?

Are You Not Getting The 5 Star Reviews You Think You Deserve?

As many of us find out, reaching and keeping the five-star reviews can be difficult. Here are a few things you can do to help keep your reviews up, guests happy, and being the best Superhost you can be.

Just Ask!

Asking your guests what they thought of your property can bring surprising results. As guests are currently staying at your Airbnb, send them a message and welcome them to the property. Make sure to make it clear you are available to help and ask them to contact you if there are any issues. Being proactive can help prevent a negative review if guests know you want to fix any issues.

How often have all of us been sent a survey after we have either purchased a product, or received a service? Answer, ALL THE TIME. It is because they work. Big businesses ask for surveys often so they can improve for the next time. Airbnb owners should be doing the same. Send your guest a follow-up message.

Wording is Key

When asking for feedback, I have found great results from stating "I always strive to Earn a 5-star review." I follow-up with asking for any recommendations or improvements for myself or the property in a message. This helps guests know you care about issues, and they will be addressed. Not every property is perfect and there will be issues, but when guests know you care, it helps them leave you private comments with a great public review. Guests just want to know they are not setting up the next guests to experience the same issues they had.

Identify the Trends

As you get more stays at your Airbnb or short-term rental, you will start noticing trends from guest feedback. Identifying the positive and negative trends is important. A negative trend means there is a problem that should be addressed. You will not be able to please everyone, but after several guests have identified a weak spot, fix it. With the right fix, you will turn a negative into a positive. Spending the money will always payback in the end. Check out "Helpful Guest Relations Advice I Learned Along the Way" for more tips and tricks to being a superhost from the beginning!


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