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Setting up and Organizing your Short-term Rental

Organization and set-up

The setup and feel of your rental will help bring you the five-star reviews every super host needs. Unless you are one of the lucky few with an eye for design, having a friend or family member help you decorate your space can be a great cost-effective way to get your place up to par.

Some decorators and designers are out there to hire, but a friend or family member can typically help get you to a good spot. The decorations will help accent the new house you spend money to fix. The guests you will host will expect to have a nice house, and they will not give it a second thought. But, the décor is what they will enjoy and make them leave you your super host review.


Getting organized can help you save money and time. Knowing what you have and how much of it can help eliminate ordering extras or even worse, running out. The name of the short-term rental game is profitability, and this can help. Start with a private closet or area you can stack and organize all materials, preferably locked away from guests. Most guests will not clean your supplies out, but better safe than sorry.

Organize and make sure whoever is cleaning your space knows what goes where. Having an organized wholesale soap or B&B soap can save them a lot of time.

Order the right soaps and conditioners for the bathroom. There are a lot of very cheap options out there. Some range from $.20-.40. These options are great for the owner but not the guests. Most good soaps your guests will enjoy should be around $1.00. This little extra expense will pay off in the end.

Set it, save money, and forget it

BnB-Supply Co. has created some different options. One excellent option I wish I had when I was getting started was pre-packed sets that can be ordered monthly. For my rentals, the average monthly stays are from 4-6. BnB-Supply Co has the option to pick how many sets per month get shipped directly to you—eliminating the guesswork for anyone cleaning your rental. Just grab the new bag and set it on the bathroom counter.


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