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Helpful Guest Relations Advice I Learned Along The Way

Getting the right guests in your Airbnb

One reservation many potential hosts have about short-term rentals or vacation rentals is how guests may treat their property. Surprisingly, the average guest will treat your home with extreme respect. Most see it as being guests in someone else’s home. For this reason, short-term rentals remain in better condition than long-term rentals. Of course, there may be an occasional sour apple, but over the years, I have learned some helpful tips for weeding those out ahead of time.

Tip Number 1: Avoid instant bookings

This is where I made my first mistake and experienced problems. After turning the instant book off, you can first communicate with your potential guest. This allows for a level of comfortability about who is staying in the home and why. Be cautious about how you ask; no one wants to have to share their life story. However, a simple question about what brings them to town typically gets decent response. And, when in doubt, just say no.

Tip Number 2: Do not allow one-night stays

There are guests that may use a one-night stay appropriately, but I have found that it is usually not the case. In addition, it will also limit the longer stays. The longer the stay, the more profitable your month will be.

Tip Number 3: Be available

With current technology, hosting is easier than ever. Being available to respond to guests when they have an inquiry, makes them feel welcomed. This is usually in the form of direct messages through an app. Of course, you may have an occasional needy guest, but the vast majority are very self-sufficient. Especially if you have the vacation home's amenities and Airbnb supplies in place which guests have come to expect.


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